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The task of finding accurate information on veganism and animal rights can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. Here are some helpful links.

Vegan Starter Kits and Kickstarters:

Vegan Easy
Vegan Outreach
Vegan Starter Kit


Educational Resources:

Animal Rights History – Comprehensive timeline of animal rights, including quotes, biographies, and a library. Starts with classical mythology and continues to 1945. (Where The Talon Conspiracy picks up.)

The Animal Rights Library – Collection of literary writings from modern and classic authors.

Bite Back – News feed of all things related to animal rights and liberation, with an emphasis on direct action. Constantly updated.

The Final Nail – Definitive list of animal laboratories, fur providers, and slaughter facilities.

Green is the New Red – Blog of Will Potter, investigative journalist, focusing on animal rights, environmentalism, and civil liberties.

Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) – Compendium of journals, research papers, books, and publications – plus current news and more.

Negotiation Is Over – Animal exploitation and liberation blog. Catalog of abusers (fur farms, laboratories, etc.) and overview of strategies and tactics that have been used by animal activists.

One Green Planet – This site contains information of all types. From recipes to animal rights to environmental protection, you will find information on all the reasons to go vegan, and how to do it. New articles are always being posted.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – Vast quantity of medical information. Promotes preventative medicine, including a vegan diet, and advocates for ethical, effective medical research – without the use of animals.

Shell Ethics – A site about the ethical aspects of veganism, environmentalism, and animal rights. The blog is continuously updated with related news stories.

The Talon Conspiracy – Archive of animal rights news and publications dating back to the 1940s. Text and scanned images are available on the site.

The Thinking Vegan – Well-written, thought-provoking blog on the ethical aspects of veganism and animal rights. It is worth a visit just for animal consumption ticker at the right side of the page.  Also offers a vegan mentoring program, if you need help in addition to what AAGR can provide.

Vegan Feminist Network – A great blog and resource exploring how animal exploitation relates to other forms of exploitation, such as those based on gender, race, sexual identity, and disability.


Other Resources:

Vegan Action – Resource guide.

Humane Charity Seal – PCRM’s list of charities that serve humans without harming animals.


Looking for something else? Try the following pages:

Dining Out
Recipe Sites
Groups We Like


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