Labor Day Weekend Pigeon Shooting Events and Sept. 15th Press Conference

As we had mentioned in a previous blog, SHARK and Animal ACTivists of Philly have organized a protest against the appointment of Adolph Antanavage as a Berks County judge on Friday, August 29th. In addition, several other related events are occurring Labor Day Weekend.

SHARK is also requesting assistance with public outreach at two Berks County recreational events. The first is at the Taste of Hamburg-er Festival in Hamburg on Saturday, August 30th, from 11:00am-2:00pm. This event draws crowds of 35,000 or more, so it will be a good place to reach the public. However, we must warn those that attend to watch for their own safety, as there may be many hunters and meat-lovers in attendance.

The second event is at the Reading Public Museum, on Sunday, August 31st at 11:00am. The museum is hosting an event memorializing the 100th anniversary of the death of the last passenger pigeon. This will be an ideal occasion to promote the safety of pigeons of today. I expect this crowd, although smaller, to be more receptive to our message.

In addition, SHARK is asking for assistance in both protesting and documenting a pigeon shoot at Wing Pointe in Hamburg on the same day, Sunday.

If you can help at any of these events, or are otherwise interested in assisting SHARK with the fight for pigeon lives, please click here for information, or email them.

Two weeks later, on Monday, September 15th, a group of animal welfare organizations are hosting a press conference in Harrisburg on House Bill 1750, which would prohibit both pigeon shoots and the slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption. We will be blogging more on this later, but at the current time we are searching for animal rights advocates to attend.

We wish to make it clear that, although we want to protect cats and dogs, ALL species deserve the same treatment. Additionally, we would like to encourage the public to take more direct action against pigeon shooters than simply waiting for the laws to change. The pigeons need us NOW.

Please email us if you are interested in attending the conference in Harrisburg.

Review Of Chester County Vegan Festival

This past Saturday, August 9th was the first event Animal Action of Greater Reading has tabled. We were ecstatic to be inChester Veg Fest2vited by CARE to their annual event.

We had a very busy day of speaking to the public, and estimate that a few hundred people attended, but we hope to get a more exact number from CARE soon. The food was delicious, but did run out before the end of the day.

Although we were too busy with the public to hear Harold Brown (Farm Kind) and Liqin Cao (United Poultry Concerns) speak, we did get to talk to them. Liqin is now aware of our campaign to remove Foie Gras from the menu at Dans at Green Hills, and will hopefully be able to help publicize.

Chester Veg Fest4In addition, we networked with the many other groups (see our previous post). In addition to vendors and organizations mentioned above, we connected with Fish Feel, the American Vegan Society, and Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer. Expect to see new links on the website soon.

We received screening copies of two books, so expect to see some reviews in the future. Author Bill Lowenburg graciously donated a signed copy of The Zorki Chronicles, which one of our members has already started reading. The American Vegan SocieChester Veg Fest1ty gifted us with a copy of Powerful Vegan Messages.

And we received some monetary donations as well, which will help us develop more materials and create merchandise (including t-shirts and buttons) to sell at future events.

Of course we plan to attend next year.

Other photos from James Mora.

UPDATE: Major Protest of Pigeon Shooter Judge – Berks County Courthouse (August 29th)

UPDATE: Time has been announced. This event will run from 11:00am-1:00pm on Friday, August 29th. Please arrive a few minutes early for coordination.

Our friends at Animal ACTivists of Philly alerted us to the cruelty record of a recently appointed Berks County judge, Adolph Antanavage. Apparently this deplorable sample of the human species enjoys participating in pigeon shoots with our “friends” at Wing Pointe.

Our allies in Philly and SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness) have graciously organized an event here, at the Berks County Courthouse. Please attend.

More details to follow, but here is what was posted on Animal ACTivists of Philly’s Meetup page:

SAVE THE DATE – The below is from SHARK – more details (exact time of protest, etc.) will be posted when available.  We will likely have a carpool for those coming from the Philly area.

SHARK is putting the call out to everyone; we want this to be a massive effort of humane organizations and individuals who are disgusted with the thousands of innocent birds that will be slaughtered this Labor Day weekend.  We will be announcing more details of our plan next week.

There will be a very special protest at the Berks County Courthouse on Friday, August 29, prior to the shoot on the Labor Day Weekend. This protest is against longtime pigeon shooter and newly appointed Berks County Judge Adolph Antanavage. In the picture below, you can see Adolph shooting pigeons at Wing Pointe with a Confederate flag waiving near him. How can anyone who slaughters and wastes animals for enjoyment (and violates PA humane law) in front of a symbol of racism and hatred be put in a position to enforce the law and judge others? We are demanding the ouster of Judge Adolph Antanavage.

Most people in Berks County don’t know about the pigeon killing judge who stands with the Confederate flag. WE NEED TO CHANGE THAT! We need to let everyone in Berks County, and throughout Pennsylvania know what is going on. This is your opportunity to make a difference for animals, and for the American justice system!

Come see us Saturday at the Vegan Festival in West Chester!

CARE of Chester County has invited us, and our program Animal Family Alliance, to have a table at their annual Vegan Festival this Saturday, August 9th, at Hoopes Park in West Chester.  The event will run from 12-4pm. Admission is $10, which includes food.


All day: Exhibits, food, and play!
12:00 -1:00 An hour of music with Dottie and John.
12:30-1:00 Food demo (Vine Dining)
1:00 –1:45 Liqin Cao, United Poultry Concerns
1:45 – 2:15 Musical Interlude.
1:45 – 2:15 Food demo (Vine Dining)
2:15 – 3:00 Harold Brown*,
3:00 – 3:15 Door prizes
3:15 – 4:00 (On the lawn) Music jam, freestyle

Exhibitors and Vendors:

A Better Cake – vegan cupcakes
American Vegan Society
Animal Action of Greater Reading (That’s us!)
Arbonne – vegan skin care and cosmetics
Ayo Maria Casey Gooden, Ph.D., ABPBC
CARE – information table with used book and T-shirt sales
Door Prize Table
Fish Feel
Grape Cat – vegan clothing accessories
La Tierra Café
Long Cove Foods – vegan scrapple
Bill Lowenburg – author with book sales
Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer
Redefine Your Mind – vegan outer wear
Soom Foods – tahine
United Poultry Concerns
Vine Dining – food demos

*Harold Brown was featured in the movie Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home. We highly recommend watching it, if you haven’t already. One of our members has it in her library, and we could be persuaded to watch it again.