Review of Bethlehem VegFest

Review courtesy Kelly Lehman.

When we arrived at VegFest, it was grey and rainy. As we got closer to the tents I was really happy to see that even though it was raining and damp and chilly, there were still so many people there and everyone had a smile on their face. It was clear that the compassion and love for animals we shared cast out any storm.

Vegan Treats, located in Bethlehem, was one of the first booths. They of course had an amazing display of pure vegan yumminess. Vegan whoopie pies, thick gooey brownies, cookies and mini cakes decorated to the nines.

The next booth we hit up was the Lehigh Valley Vegetarians. They were awesome people and let me put out our flyers on their table. We talked about a number of things including how awesome it would be to host a Veg Fest in Berks County! One day soon I hope.

We walked by a number of cruelty free booths that had make up, clothing and art. As we were walking a member from Mercy for Animals asked if we would like to sign a petition demanding Walmart to end the use of gestation crates in its supplier chain. (See more about this here and sign online here.) After gladly signing we talked with them for awhile, told them about our Dans Foie Gras campaign and that we needed as much help as possible. They promised to help spread the word. I left their booth with great info flyers, and a MFA sticker and pin!

We past by the famous Cinnamon Snail, an awesome mobile vegan restaurant from NYC, and the line was ridiculous. Had to be about 20 people in line the whole time they were there. The scent from the truck was divine.

While i did not get to hear any of the speakers, I was very impressed and delighted to see how many they had lined up. Karen Davis From United Poultry Concerns spoke on “Free-Range Poultry & Eggs: Humane Alternatives to Factory Farm Products?” Matt Frazier, one of my vegan crushes, talked about the No Meat Athlete‘s “Fit, Fast and Happy”. Anne Dinshah, from the American Vegan Society, gave a talk about “Will Veganism Bring You Health, Wealth, and Wisdom?” There were a number of other speakers touching base on “facing our food”, “Climate Change and diet,” “Vegan food options,” incorporating more protein into your diet and many more. There were cooking demos and Flash Mob Yoga. Rescued pigs (one rockin’ sunglasses), and live music all day. This event went off perfectly.

Although it was dreary and rainy, almost everyone I saw had a smile on their face. I was proud and grateful to be there with like minded people whose love for animals and their rights to exist as they should, was overwhelming. I felt so much love and left confident knowing that big changes ARE happening and coming and to be apart of that is nothing short of amazing. Please check out the links to venders websites! Lots of amazing info.

Lehigh Valley Vegetarians

Vegan Treats

Catskill Animal Sanctuary

United Poultry Concerns

Mercy for Animals

American Vegan Society

Review Of Chester County Vegan Festival

This past Saturday, August 9th was the first event Animal Action of Greater Reading has tabled. We were ecstatic to be inChester Veg Fest2vited by CARE to their annual event.

We had a very busy day of speaking to the public, and estimate that a few hundred people attended, but we hope to get a more exact number from CARE soon. The food was delicious, but did run out before the end of the day.

Although we were too busy with the public to hear Harold Brown (Farm Kind) and Liqin Cao (United Poultry Concerns) speak, we did get to talk to them. Liqin is now aware of our campaign to remove Foie Gras from the menu at Dans at Green Hills, and will hopefully be able to help publicize.

Chester Veg Fest4In addition, we networked with the many other groups (see our previous post). In addition to vendors and organizations mentioned above, we connected with Fish Feel, the American Vegan Society, and Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer. Expect to see new links on the website soon.

We received screening copies of two books, so expect to see some reviews in the future. Author Bill Lowenburg graciously donated a signed copy of The Zorki Chronicles, which one of our members has already started reading. The American Vegan SocieChester Veg Fest1ty gifted us with a copy of Powerful Vegan Messages.

And we received some monetary donations as well, which will help us develop more materials and create merchandise (including t-shirts and buttons) to sell at future events.

Of course we plan to attend next year.

Other photos from James Mora.