Former SeaWorld Worker Says Orcas Lost Skin From Abusive Conditions

by Eve Hartley / Huffington Post  (Photo by Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images) A former SeaWorld employee has revealed disturbing details of the exhibits and living conditions of the park’s captive killer whales. Sarah Fischbeck, who joined the San Diego branch of the company in 2007, spent six years working across the different departments, including performing maintenance on the tanks and diving with the animals. She told The Dodo: “If people knew what I know, or saw what I have seen, they wouldn’t sell another ticket”. Fischbeck said fighting amongst the whales had gruesome consequences: “You’d be diving at the bottom of the tanks and you’d find these long strips of what looked like black rubber,” she said. Explaining how the pieces of skin came loose, she said it was caused by the other orcas teeth, confirming the severity of the in-fighting. “It was skin they’d peeled off each other. We had divers take whale skin home to their families all the time as

Source: Former SeaWorld Worker Says Orcas Lost Skin From Abusive Conditions

Lab site lockdown creates an inspiring moment in the NNAL campaign and receives national attention



Many of the people who came out to the construction site of the proposed animal lab yesterday to support Oliver while he was locked to an excavator had many moments of fighting back tears because of the image before us. In the middle of a torn up piece of earth and the heavy machinery that’s digging what would be an underground nightmare for animals, there was a sign of resistance. Oliver sat locked to the top of the excavator for a painful twelve hours, as his support person took gentle care of him. Quite simply, they were hope in the midst of destruction.

By locking to the excavator, Oliver stopped work on the animal lab for the day. That day is something that we must all now cherish, and make matter. Oliver and his support person earned us another day to use to stop this lab from being built. Embrace the…

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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Treated like an animal

This is something discussed in Carol Adam’s book, The Sexual Politics of Meat, as well.

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife


For the animal kingdom, the Holocaust never ended.” — Philip Wollen, former vice president of Citibank, vegan activist

To emphasize how badly someone was treated, people often say, “He was treated like an animal.” To describe how badly someone behaved, others often say, “He acted like an animal.” This consistent demonizing of animals, demeaning them, is as much a part of our cultural framework as fried chicken. Most animals are considered irrelevant, our abuse of them out of sight, and therefore out of mind — where most people like to keep it safe from examination. Safe from personal responsibility to act.

We all share equal responsibility for abuse of the vulnerable.

This is a chance to take a closer look at two of the most despised, forgotten, and abused animals — starting with the rat. A new study out of Japan states that rats are different, and better, than one might have…

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