Review Of Chester County Vegan Festival

This past Saturday, August 9th was the first event Animal Action of Greater Reading has tabled. We were ecstatic to be inChester Veg Fest2vited by CARE to their annual event.

We had a very busy day of speaking to the public, and estimate that a few hundred people attended, but we hope to get a more exact number from CARE soon. The food was delicious, but did run out before the end of the day.

Although we were too busy with the public to hear Harold Brown (Farm Kind) and Liqin Cao (United Poultry Concerns) speak, we did get to talk to them. Liqin is now aware of our campaign to remove Foie Gras from the menu at Dans at Green Hills, and will hopefully be able to help publicize.

Chester Veg Fest4In addition, we networked with the many other groups (see our previous post). In addition to vendors and organizations mentioned above, we connected with Fish Feel, the American Vegan Society, and Philadelphia Advocates for the Deer. Expect to see new links on the website soon.

We received screening copies of two books, so expect to see some reviews in the future. Author Bill Lowenburg graciously donated a signed copy of The Zorki Chronicles, which one of our members has already started reading. The American Vegan SocieChester Veg Fest1ty gifted us with a copy of Powerful Vegan Messages.

And we received some monetary donations as well, which will help us develop more materials and create merchandise (including t-shirts and buttons) to sell at future events.

Of course we plan to attend next year.

Other photos from James Mora.


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